Walkable, Urban, and Rural, too

By Michael Willliams                                                                                                                                                 01/01/2021


“Walkable? Check. Urban? Check. Rural? Also Check.”


I found the above article on another blog.  It’s worth reading if you’re a fan of places that suit humans instead of just cars.  Skaneateles definitely belongs in the human category.  Sidewalks connect a compact commercial center, grocery store, drug store, restaurants, and other retail outlets, all within a half mile of each other.  Many of these businesses lack dedicated parking, yet they thrive!

Skaneateles is the town I know best in Central NY, but it is not the region’s only town with such amenities.  Baldwinsville, Marcellus, Geneva, Auburn, Hamilton, Liverpool, and many others have walkable centers with good infrastructure.  Most have great Internet as well.  Despite living in an area considered “rural,” I am lucky enough to have fiber right down my lane with consistent 100mb throughput (with no upgrades).  Do I still visit the cities I love, including those in which I’ve lived – D.C. and NYC?  Of course, we always will treasure cities for their cultural and economic vibrancy.  Furthermore, living in those two cities is the reason I chose Skaneateles for my home.  After living in the cores of two cities where I could walk or bike to everything I needed, I decided I always would live somewhere that’s walkable.

If a walkable, urban, and rural home appeals to you, too, then I definitely can show you some places like that.  Visit our contact page to learn more.

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