A Bit of Wonderful Americana and Small Town Life

by Michael Williams                                                                                                                                                                    08/31/2019

There are lots of struggling small towns and cities in America and in other western countries as well.  It’s good to see the revival of our big cities and the economic dynamism they possess.  I lived in a big city for quite a while and came to appreciate its benefits, but I also kept a foot in small town America as well, and eventually that’s where we chose to be when the time came to leave behind the urban lifestyle and the jobs needed to support that.  I haven’t looked back at all and instead am now looking at the revival of many of those same small towns because so many others see the advantages of belonging to a community.  I’m fortunate to live in a small town (pop 7000 in the town and 2400 in the village) that is thriving and one that not only values its traditions but is successfully passing them on to new residents.

The photo shows our community band which plays on Fridays during the summer months on a pavilion built by the community that hosts events throughout the year (yes, even when the lake is frozen and the snow piled high).  What a backdrop!  The lake captivates anyone walking or driving by, and it certainly draws the weekend visitors, but those that stay longer make this the community you don’t want to leave.

We have lots of wonderful small towns in upstate NY including Skaneateles, Marcellus, Seneca Falls, Hammondsport, and Aurora and the small cities of Auburn, Geneva, Ithaca, Penn Yan, Watkins Glen, and many, many more.  From newly built houses to 150-year-old classics, we have a huge range of homes for sale to suit every taste, budget, and lifestyle.  Come for a weekend, and you may find it irresistible!

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