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By Michael Williams



If you’re interested in living near Skaneateles Lake but the high prices of lakefront property discourage you, the surrounding area has many, many wonderful homes just a short drive or walk away. Some of these homes even have views of Skaneateles Lake or other lakes but cost a fraction of what you might expect.

Here are some nearby options to consider in your home search:

  1. Skaneateles Village: Skaneateles Village is a charming community located near the lake. Although lakefront properties in the village still can be expensive, the village may offer more affordable options as well, such as townhouses, condos, or smaller homes within walking distance of the lake.

  2. Town of Skaneateles: Expand your search to the broader area of the Town of Skaneateles. This includes nearby neighborhoods and residential areas that are a short drive away from the lake. Prices tend to vary more and offer a range of options to suit different budgets.

  3. Owasco and Sennett towns: Did you know parts of these towns are in the Skaneateles Central School District?  Thus, if you want to live in this school district, the hamlet of Owasco and the farming country of both Owasco and Sennett offer some great deals.

  4. Otisco Lake: This area has wonderful views with surrounding hills and a laid-back feel. Plenty of camps sit near this lake just to the east.

  5. Auburn: Auburn is a nearby city west of Skaneateles Lake. It offers a range of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. Auburn provides a more affordable alternative that still offers proximity to both Skaneateles and Owasco lakes.

  6. Marcellus: Marcellus is another town near Skaneateles Lake and Otisco Lake. It offers a mix of rural and suburban settings amidst renowned natural beauty. If you’re looking for more affordable housing options with scenic surroundings, Marcellus is the place to go.

  7. Other nearby towns: Expand your search radius to include other towns near Skaneateles Lake, such as Moravia, Marietta, or Spafford. These areas often have a variety of housing options at different price points.

Remember that when searching for a home, working with a local real estate agent who knows the area and can help you find properties to meet your budget and preferences greatly can ease your search.

If you’re in the market for a home and you need just such an agent, please reach out to us at Lake and Village at lakeandvillagerealty@gmail.com or (315) 237-4544. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

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