Why Buy in Winter?

By Michael Williams



Winter is truly a great time to buy and sell property in Central NY.

Traditionally, real estate agents have told both buyers and sellers that April, May, and June have the most activity in the market for existing homes.  Because the process of selling and buying lasts about 60 days in most cases (in NY, at least), these three months correlate with the months when school usually is not in session.  Families then have more freedom to move without disrupting the lives of their school-age children.

Moving to a new school district during the school year may not be ideal for many families, but not everyone has tight ties to the school schedule.  Perhaps some families will stay in their districts or do not mind changing districts, so they need not follow the school year schedule for buying or selling a home.

Although inventories can be greater during those three months of heightened activity, a buyer will compete with many more buyers for those same properties.  Also, pressure to sell during the more active timeframe may not allow a seller to achieve the best deal.  

Though the buying and selling environment may change, buying and selling processes are the same no matter the time of year.  The more relaxed atmosphere of the winter months can provide time for a more deliberate decision without the pressure of others looking over your shoulder.

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