Why Choose Lake and Village Realty?

By Michael Williams



Why choose Lake and Village Realty?

Why indeed? As one of just two locally owned brokerages in Skaneateles, what advantages can we offer prospective buyers and sellers of homes and land in Central New York?  Or perhaps we should ask, what do chain brokerages offer that we do not?  Maybe you think large brokerages would offer superior web service, paperwork processing, or marketing.  If, though, you compare our services for each of those items, you will find they equal those of large brokerages.

What about costs?  Assuming that the size and scale of large brokerages allow them to lower costs for buyers and sellers may seem reasonable, but think again.  At Lake and Village, for homes under $500,000, our commission schedule beats that of every other brokerage in town.  For homes over $500,000, we provide superior services for a cost the same as or less than those of chain brokerages.

When you choose Lake and Village Realty LLC and the services of one of our agents, you are speaking with folks who live here in Central NY and who spend their earnings on local services of web designers, photographers, and local suppliers.  One hundred percent of the commissions that our agents earn stays here in our community rather than going to a large corporation far away.

If you’d like to learn more or speak with an agent, you can email us at lakeandvillagerealty@gmail.com or call us at (315) 237-4544.  We look forward to working with you.

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